Dreaming of a Perfect Love Story

There’s no such thing as perfect in this world. But then all of us hope that someday, we will have our own happily ever after; in every love story that we create in our lives, in the visions that we have in our dreams, in our ambitions and a lot more. All of us wish that there will come a time when our knight in shining armor comes and picks us up like a damsel in distress.

Life here on earth is cruel, a reality that strikes us in the most inconceivable way. With this, there’s no such thing as a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, no fairy godmother that would wave her wand and magically reveals a beautiful dress for us, no genie in the bottle who would grant us three wishes and so much more that fairy tales had led us to believe.

But we still look forward to that day when we will see the man of our dreams, our prince charming, and our one true love. We still cling to that hope of him being just there at the corner and that we just have to wait for him a little bit longer. We still hold on to that wish coming true when a falling star passes by our sight.

How ironic is it then to feel those things all at the same time? It’s quite impossible but then if you think about it, it’s actually plausible and totally workable. It’s just a plain and simple reality for each one of us.

It is love. Love is the reason for having that feeling, that emotion of happiness, of being inspired, of having to dream of something and yet having that feeling of sadness as well, confusion and despair. Love is the reason why we still hope when everything seems to fall down, when everybody seems so far away, even when there’s nothing left and it feels like you were left behind already. Love makes it all possible. It encompasses and surpasses very obstacle we face, every challenge we take, every moment of doubts we have.

Love is not just a thing, a feeling, an action nor an event or situation. That love is God. God is our hope, our refuge and strength, our Savior and Redeemer. He is our sunshine after the rain, our candle in the dark, and our light at the end of the tunnel.

We find it amazing how God works in each one of us, on how He allows certain events to happen, certain in such a way that these are things which we could not really understand why and how it could have happened, and yet it just did. He sends not just the day but also the night. He causes the sun to shine so bright and have it rained afterwards. He allows calamities and disasters to happen but He is also the One who provides people who have a big heart for helping those in need.

Then we ask in our minds, can we just have only the good things? It is still God who allows trials and challenges to enter into our lives and He is the One who helps us get through it. Why still go through all the drama?

But then our thoughts are not His thoughts, as well as His thoughts is not ours. He is our God, our Maker, our Creator and we are just mere creations. He is the Potter and we are just clay. We don’t have any right to complain nor to say to the One who made us why He made us this way because it is He who decides, who has the right, who has the power and authority over all things

How is it then that it started off at dreaming of a perfect love story and ending up with God? Well, everything is of His and no matter what we talk, whatever things we have in mind, the things we say, do and think, it will still and will have to go back to God who is the Owner of everything.

We began with that thought that having a perfect love story in this imperfect world of ours is impossible. And it is true. We can never have a perfect love story if we are the ones who will create. If we are just being allowed to decide on our own plot and setting, it will surely be a wreck.

But we have the comfort that it is not us who writes our love story but it is God. He chooses the plot, the setting, the characters, the sequence of events and most importantly, the ending. And with that we can be confident that no matter how imperfect this world is, we will have that perfect love story in God.

Waiting is indeed patience and God has reserved somebody for us. It might take not just days nor months, it could take up years and years but the long wait will be worth it because God is the author of the story and because He is great and wonderful, everything He creates is great and wonderful as well.

Dreaming of a perfect love story, on our own, would not be close to possible. It is really impossible. But with God, nothing is impossible. That perfect love story we have always been having our hopes on will be possible, not in our way and our time but in God’s will, time and good pleasure.



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