These very words, things that has been considered by most as cliché, set of words  that have been in most of the arguments, are the very phrases, “mean what you say and say what you mean”.

For some, it’s walking the talk. To others, it’s translated as commitment. Nonetheless, they are all pretty much the same. It’s to stick to what you said, to be true to what you think, say and do, to be real, and to show the true you.

Being guilty of the said statements, it will never be an excuse not to just do exactly what was told for us to get done; that just because promises are meant to be broken, words are never an assurance of a thing that needs to be done and actions cannot always to be trusted, that we should just ignore those things.

It has been a certain fact, that human as we are, we almost cannot keep promises or words that we’ve let out of our mouth but that doesn’t mean that we can just always fail fulfilling promises as we please. Somehow, it’s like a thief saying, “Since I can’t stop myself from stealing, I will have to steal for the rest of my life.”

We can never be perfect nor can we say that we cannot repeat the mistakes we’ve done already. Somehow, at some point, we will have to face those faults again but it doesn’t mean that we can never be bothered by it. In fact, we should be alarmed by it.

An author once had asked his readers in one of his article. The question was, “If you’ve got a friend and that friend of yours betrayed you, continually puts you down and insults you in any way that he could, will you forgive him? “As Christians, we will say “Yes, I will forgive him.” But what if that friend of yours does that over and over and over again? He will not just do it to you once or twice but repeatedly, will you still forgive him? You probably won’t.

But you know the comforting part of the article was the statement that encompasses our still existence here on this earth; that we were not yet extinguished in this world we live. He said that God, in His divine nature, will never ever get tired of forgiving us. Though we commit the same mistakes over and over again and hurt him too many times already through our actions, thoughts and words; that even though it is as if we never learn our lessons in the consequences of our sins, He will still forgive us. He is still faithful to us. In fact, we are being blessed more. His grace abounds to us in greater scale. He is being more hands on in guiding us, and leading us to the right path, in calling us back to Him and bringing us into His fold.

We can never be thankful enough that we have a God who never gets tired of being patient to us even though we are pretty much stubborn. We are so blessed to have a God who will always listen to us, who always provide the things we need, who gives us things we do not deserve.

But just because we already live under God’s grace and not the law, in the new covenant that God has made between Him and us, that doesn’t mean that we can just do as we please. We cannot just say, “Ah, this is God’s plan for my life. I should continually live in this sinful life I live. Anyway, He is a God whose grace abounds when sin abounds. Besides I’m already His. I believe I am His elect, and that salvation of mine was purchased a long time ago and can never be changed since my God is a perfect God. And when He says I am saved, I will always be saved. It would not change.”

God forbids those words. Our God is just and one who abhors sin. He cannot tolerate sin. In fact, he punishes those who sin. Yet we are just thankful that He is a God of grace and though we fail him too many times already, He is still faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all our iniquities.

We suffer from the consequences of our sin because sin as it is, it will always have an unfavorable result when committed. It is a standard thing that when we commit something that is not in accordance with the law, when we fail to meet that specific guideline instructed to us, bad things happen and disparaging circumstances comes our way.

The fact that God’s elect has been chosen even before the foundation of the world remains to be very true and biblical. Since God is unchanging because He imperfect and there never exists a word “change” in His plans, our salvation will always be sure and it will always stand true.

And Christians as we are, elect as we have been chosen by God, we ought to love Christ and loving Christ means hating the world and all its components. Yes, we commit sin. As long as we live in this temporal abode, we will commit sin. But that doesn’t give us the right to just commit sin as we please. It opposes to the very fact that we are God’s elect and as His people, we ought to follow Him. Following Him means obeying His commandments and so if we sin, it would not be in accordance to the very fact that we are God’s children. It would be very ironic and absurd.

That’s why God never fails to fill us with His unconditional love, His irresistible grace, His unfailing faithfulness. He never falls short in the preservation of His elect, of the saints, which is translated as His chosen people. He never lacks in guiding us, redirecting us, admonishing us and chastising us so that we go back to Him, we hear His voice, and we are brought back to the sheepfold where as a Shepherd, He tends to all His sheep.

And with this, we know that we may have to fall short with our promises, we can never always stick to what we say, we can never fully say that we can talk our walk but we have a God who will help us out. He sheds light to our darkest paths. He illumines our hearts and souls so that we should be able to really know what ought to do. He gives us strength to let go and move on, to ask forgiveness and be forgiven, to cry and be relieved at the same time.

God never leaves His children nor forsakes them. When things are too hard, He enables situations, people, events and matters to work out for our good. He never gives us an unresolvable problem. Every matter we have on hand has a key. We should just patiently wait for His time in His good pleasure for us to provide solution for things that bother us.

Contradictions in our actions, thoughts, words, beliefs and traditions happens too often but we’ll just have to trust that God will make us see the purpose of why it all happened. We cannot understand it for now because God has something that was not disclosed to us but there are things that are just meant to be understood. God has His own mystery, of which shows His glory, divinity and holiness.


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