Fall in love and be in love

Statuses about love made the past few weeks was bundled into a bulk of thoughts and it led to a certain realization, the realization was why not make a blog entry for it instead of long, unread Facebook status?

Recollection of thoughts seems possible but it takes a lot of work. But it can’t be helped. The desire to have this thought out in a blog is stronger than the efforts it would take to regroup the thoughts into a single entry.

Though falling in love and being in love issue has long ended at Facebook, it still hasn’t in Tumblr. And so with that, the series of arguments can be found following this paragraph.

Beginning with each other’s definition…

Falling in love is accidental. It is somehow a temporal insanity, a desire fueled by external influences such as peers, media, literature, etc. Falling in love is simply like this. You saw a guy, you liked him, you had an interaction with him and finally you fall for him. But somehow, in the process of falling for him, you saw him for who he is, he had traits you disliked. He had habits you’ve come to hate. And soon enough you had it. Instead of staying in love with him, you fall out of love. That’s why it is called falling in love because you fell for love. And you also fell out of it.

Being in love is investing deeper feelings to the other person. It is permanent, something that you have foreseen as one thing that will last for a lifetime. It’s not just a feeling or an adjective. As per John Mayer’s words, love is a verb. It is an action.

Being in love on the other hand is a state where you want it to last. It is something that’s not just for a while but it’s something that you want to remain until your last breath. Being in love is true and real. It is something that is genuine and long lasting. It is somehow forever, if forever does exist. And well it does. It exists and it exists with God.

To be truly in love is to love God. God has loved us first so we could love him back and by loving him back means to be in the state of being in love with Him. And so we did not fall in love with God but we are in the state of being in love with God. And by being in love with God leads us to be in love with the people around us. And anything that comes from God is beautiful and something that lasts for a lifetime.

With that, a resolve can be agreed upon that falling in love is somehow just the effect of that desire in our hearts to experience falling in ‘love’; to hang out with somebody of your opposite gender, experience an intimate relationship with him or her and get through the stage of loving somebody in a romantic way.

However, being in love is more real. It’s more genuine, deep and sincere. Being in love develops your patience, determination, loyalty and commitment. And to be in love is something that does not come from us, well technically, falling in love is not from us too though we think that it is, but it’s not.

For us to truly be in love is to point everything back to God, to experience love with God first because being in love comes from within and anything that emanates from the inside is true and honest and well, as a cliché saying goes, it comes from the heart, from your soul.



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