We’ve seen a lot of demonstrations against every leader in this nation. Every year, thousands of people join rallies all over the country just to comment on the government’s actions. Hundreds of protests are being held in all parts of this nation that at some point, it becomes useless and inane.

Most of us want to get out of poverty. All of us want to live a life of fortune and lavishness. However, wealth does not come easy. It pays to be hardworking and determined. And who says life is fair? Life will always be unfair and we just have to make better of what we have right now. We just have to improve on what we could improve.

It should be that each and every one of us held out a helping hand so that in working together, we may achieve progress not only for ourselves but for the community as well, to bring forth the common good. But what happens in our society is that when one of us tries to climb up the ladder, people try to bring him down as if this action will have its reverse effect. It doesn’t work that way. When we pull others down, we drag ourselves together with them and in the end, none of us improves and all of us are stuck to our current situation. Worst, we are put into a situation or condition that is worse than what we had before.

This is what’s happening to us every year a leader stands up, takes a leap of faith and brings forth development for the country. We always try to question their ideas, we contradict with their thoughts, and we go against their authority over us. Couldn’t we be just a bit more cooperative and help our leaders build a progressing nation? If we can’t say anything good to others, can we just let our mouth shut and let them lead the country? If we really want change our own way, why don’t we run the country ourselves and not be stuck in a corner doing nothing but complain?

Take for example the case of Janet Napoles. Others complain about the security that is being given to her but we questioned their actions towards the two criminals killed during the transfer for precinct. We complain that the government makes Janet Napoles’ case a special one by taking a live footage of what’s happening to her but we shout for transparency on the government’s actions. What do we really want from them? What do you really want them to do?

We just can’t be more appreciative with the leaders of this country and the actions they have been taking. We try to let our crab mentality sink in our values. It is always like that with our dealings even with our neighbors, friends, colleagues, co-employees. When someone succeeds, we try to criticize them and throw comments which are unnecessary and most of the time untrue.

The saying really goes true that we really should mind our own business. Instead of messing others’ lives, why not take action in improving our own lives? Why couldn’t we strive to be better people? Why should we not just compete with ourselves and take others’ success as inspiration or benchmarks?

President Noynoy’s struggle to make this country better is immeasurable. The efforts he exerted are beyond what we could have imagined. The sacrifices he made just to let his country rise from the burden it was left years ago are unfathomable.

Couldn’t we just be thankful for all these? Can we, at least, be grateful for what he has done for the country? Can we just recognize Pnoy as catalyst for the change that we can feel in this country? Can we just distinguish President Noynoy Aquino as the man who took the strength of running this country, been criticized by a lot of people and still lead this country to success?

Most of the time, us, Filipinos, have the lack of ability to appreciate what has been given to us. We lack the inclination to recognize the good things around us. Instead of seeing the glass as almost full, we see it as half empty.




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