Have you ever had that feeling where you wanted to stop time and wish it doesn’t move until you know what you will do next? I know you do. Everyone else does and don’t tell me you are not part of everyone because you are.

That’s the cliché statement in novels. They claim they are unlike others because most would be attracted to that new guy in school or in town or wherever the setting may be. But it’s pathetic because eventually they will give in when that guy asks them out and be his girl.

What’s common with these stories is that they assume too much. They think that what they are doing is best for everybody when in fact it’s not. They start to decide on their own without asking the other party what he or she wanted. Assumptions. Those things can really kill you and hard as we may want not to admit it, at some point in our life we somehow are guilty of that.

What other common things can we see in movies that are very much applicable in life? Perhaps, it’s living a pathetic life. Yes, we judge people too easily without even bothering first to look at our own faults. We don’t do it always and maybe we try to avoid it now, but again, at one point in our lifetime, we are guilty of that.

No matter how fictional movies, books can be, they teach us lessons we knew but somehow we need to be reminded over and over again and some that we chose to ignore as well. They act as catalysts for change and so somehow, media, if used well can be for the common good. It could change lives.

But there are those who abuse it. That’s the thing which we should avoid. There’s a philosopher who said that either too much or too less is never a good things. And truly it is. So use things moderately.



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