Feelings or Facts


There are times when you can’t stop doing something even when you definitely knew that it is totally wrong. There are decisions that you know will eventually have unfavorable result and yet you chose to make those decision. There are things which you desire that shouldn’t be desired but still you do.

It has been a mind game for some of us how there could be a battle of heart and mind when the mind is in control of everything. Later on, we realize that it’s not the heart and the mind but our emotion and our intellect. Our intellect tells us that it should not be done since base on the facts that we have, the knowledge that we have gained, experiences we have gone through, it is not the right thing to do. But our emotion tells us that it makes us giddy. It makes us feel good. It gives us a pleasurable feeling.

At some point, emotion takes over the intellect. The things that make us feel good gets to be chosen rather than those which are right and the things that our mind tells us is appropriate. What makes our heart race will be picked than what was instructed for us to do. Most of the time, the things that implants a good feeling in our body is quite contrary to what is accepted in the society and what we have grown to be the right thing to do.And so the saying goes that what is being prohibited is enticing proves to be true than what we ought to think about it.

It’s scary. Most of the time we choose the desires of our body more than what is ought to be done. We follow our emotions over those things which are appropriate and acceptable. Our emotions are in constant battle with our intellect. And most of the time, emotion wins over the intellect; feelings over facts, desires over proven results.

Being romantically involved with someone has a lot of contradictions, conflicts and battle of the mind and the heart. When you like someone, in a more intimate way, may it be same or opposite sex, what is right is clouded with the feelings you have for the other party.

You knew that person is cheating on you yet you still choose to be cheated on because you like being with him. Though it hurts, you’d rather endure the pain of that him cheating on you than totally not having him around at all.

You knew that your attraction to a certain person won’t go anywhere because that person won’t return the feelings you have and yet you still continue to show him how you feel. Eventually, you’ll get hurt and you’ll only have yourself to be blamed. And yet you will still not stop because it’s the thing that makes you happy, no matter how superficial and impossible your desires are.

You knew that it is wrong, morally and socially, to fall in love with the somebody who has the same gender orientation as you. However, the mind can’t stop what the heart loves. Emotions are unpredictable. You may choose not to like somebody too much because it isn’t just right but you just can’t help. And that, it’s not an excuse but it is something that’s just too hard to control and keep.

These things happen a lot; not just in being romantically involved or attracted with somebody but in any circumstances of life. We choose not what should be but what makes us feel good and happy.

We should choose what makes us happy but choosing them with the right reason, at the right time, in the right place with the right people.




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