People would tend to relate anything they watch or read to their own lives. Especially with music, those whose hearts were broken can relate to every song that plays on the radio. Those who are depressed with their lives can find every single bit of what they are watching connected to the one’s they are feeling at the moment.

There were movies that I found myself being the main character, or maybe one of the characters. There were events in the novel that I imagined I am the one involved. There are stories of which I thought it has been based on my experiences or so I would like to believe.

Ice Princess. It’s a movie in the early 2000’s. The movie is about a girl who is very passionate on ice skating that she will usually win in any competitions but there was this certain event where she did not went but anyway someone discovered her and offered a scholarship. However it’s not for ice skaters but for hockey players. Despite this, she still accepted it. However, her brother is a huge fan of hockey and upon his knowledge of what her sister have, he changed hobby. He says that hockey is the only thing he can be really good at but even that her sister has to get it and be really good at it. He had a sour attitude towards his sister at first but at the end of the movie, they became closer than ever.

Some of us may have that certain thing of which we thought we are really good at but then someone close to us started having the same hobby and they have become really good at it that we questioned our ability and started to loose desire into doing something.

It’s more frustrating when that person hates that thing more than anything but time changed it and that person became better than you. What’s even more frustrating is that you cannot claim it to be uniquely your own and even brag about it simply because that person does it really good that you are out of the picture anymore.

Yes, they could be signs of you just wanting to get more attention but then aren’t we all are? At some point in life, we want to be recognized, to be acknowledged. We want to be appreciated.

How do you get over that feeling? Find a new hobby. Rediscover yourself. Go out of your comfort zone.

Or better yet, place more effort in being the best of what you are good at. Just because everyone else is doing your thing, you just have to keep on changing. Instead of looking for new, why not improve, differentiate and find ways to be unique in what you do?

Our society has placed a bar on what would determine our success. People would set a standard on what is acceptable as something that is worth recognized. Should we live up to that standard too?

There is no such thing as too late. It can be late but it will never be too late. So get up, take charge and be courageous to take that new step towards what we call life.


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