Business: A Necessity

Going over the topic I was assigned last weekend, I found it interesting to talk about business. The word is so common, is used both as an object and an action. However, it has also become entity that has taken on its own identity and importance in the society.

As Google defines it, a business is an organizational entity involved in the provision of goods and services to consumers. Some calls it enterprise. Others, firm or company. Either way, business is broad that it encompasses a lot of things and has been detrimental to the society.

Business has been very essential in the society. It has taken a role into providing growth and development for the public’s welfare. It has also become a tool towards man’s greatest achievement and that is to achieve self-actualization, in whatever ways you would want self-actualization to be translated.

Doing business or having a business on the other hand is never easy. It’s not just being able to think out of the box or intuitively and you can do business almost immediately. Business is also a mind game. It needs that rational capability of a person for it to be effective and efficient. Unlike the generations of long time ago, needs became complex nowadays. Though things are easier and faster today, the means by which they were made to what they are today have transcended in such a way that the exchange between the one needing something and the one having that thing or has the capacity to acquire those things became an intertwined web of connections and transactions.

Business does not just grow out of nothing. It has its roots and source as well as guiding principles that enables it to redirect and focus the mind to what the society needs, without sacrificing the established businesses. These principles became the groundwork for how to go about having and doing business.

Not only did business became a fundamental social process it has also contributed to the economy thus having that economic function. Lastly, new development and discovery have been established. This is the reason why businesses became corporate entities. Not only one person contributed to what it has become now but a group of people driven towards achieving a common goal.

Since business became fundamental in the social process, it fills up the gap of someone’s self-actualization. Utilizing business as catalyst for change and improvement paved the way for man becoming perfect in order of being and operation. Though man has too many limitations, it has never hindered man from achieving and manifesting what can be called as closest to perfection.

Understanding business is to realize that the importance of business in the society which is us, consumers is one of the best ways to thrive in the market.

Man, will always aspire for human perfection. Perfection could either be in the form of excelling physically, intellectually and other aspects of human activity. He desires to possess, to learn, to be beautiful, to succeed, and to achieve.

In the desires for perfection and lack of certain things, there arises a need to seek complements. There are people whose goods obtained are beyond what they need however some have that overwhelming of feeling such certain kind of good.

With this, business fills in the gap between those who has the goods and those who needs it, a mediator between the producer and the consumer, the intermediary between buyer and the seller.

Business is a structure, a corporate activity undertaken to produce and distribute goods and services where there exist the goal for profit but also the risk for loss. Nowadays, trend for business has shifted into ways and possibilities that we never imagined it will obtain. Technology has paved the way not only for convenience in transactions but likewise shift in the business paradigm, society’s needs and wants as well as growth in industries in terms of production and distribution.





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