Countless times I always wish

My feelings for you will just fade

I never thought it ends this way

Like raindrops in a cloudless day

You were somebody dear to me

Someone I admire and more to it

I got attached to you in ways I have never understood

You got to me when others were not able to

That day when it all came back to me

I thought that there’s no way out

That I might just have to get on with it

Never to look back, not to regret

I admit that it was all about you

All of it was meant for you

I never thought that it could just mean something else

Deeper than the cliche love stories that I always make

When everything dawned on me

It made me see what these feelings are exactly

I know I’ve said this a million times

I just want this to be my last goodbye

I pray and hope that it will be

The last fragment of doubt I have for me

The last shadow of fear that I will keep

Letting it all go and eventually moving on


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