That Aspired Somebody

You were that someone who can elicit that veiled side of mine

The one whom I can talk for hours

You were that someone whom I can express myself liberally

The one who brings out the real me

I became the best version of myself

I aspired because you inspired me

I dreamt of things that I thought were silly and unattainable

Because you believed that I can do whatever I set my heart into

You’ve always encouraged me to be better each day

You have been my untiring upkeep

You’ve listened to my frustrations, insecurities and failures

You’ve understood me even when I’ve become incomprehensible

It’s quite a surprise how things took place

It was unexpected but nonetheless astounding

What we have is something I would have just dream about

You were an aspiration I’ve come to attain

Now I understood why you made me realize things

You’re like an alarm who reminded me of what I’ve always known but I was never able to comprehend

You taught me to be strong in times of doubt

You enthused me to be empathetic even when it’s quite hard somehow

There’s still more but that’s all for now

Quite a story but I’ll reserve it for later somehow

Things have been overwhelming and quite astonishing

A bit overrated, a bit bewildering


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