This is one of those times where I just want to pour out my thoughts, feelings of happiness, realization from the past, reminiscent of the people who I used to know.

Grasping on the several changes that took place over the past few months, I realize that timing is everything and that God has plans for all of us. We may not always understand why things happen before, why we never realize what we have realized today a few years back, why we have to learn lessons of life at times when we thought it’s too late but that’s how it should be and then when you put all the pieces together, creating a timeline of your life, you appreciate what took place. Because then, what happened created a certain mixture of good memories, of life full of bitter-sweet reminiscences, a life of beautiful harmonious events.

Looking back, I will always think about the wrong decisions that I’ve ever made, the things that I did which I shouldn’t have, mistakes that should have been avoided, people I should have never been with. And then I now understood that I have to go thru those things. Because if I haven’t, I would never have realized what are the wrongs that should not be committed again, the people that should be avoided, the wrong decisions that should not be chosen.

With my life starting slowly taking a turn towards the right direction, a life with a purpose, a goal, a resolution; a life of commitment, understanding, prioritizing and at some point, compromising, I appreciate the things that took place, the people I met, the people I’m with, the people I love and care about. I am thankful that I’ve met people who made me see the best version of myself, who made me dream things I never thought I could ever have, who made me take actions for the things that I have longed desired and who made me aspire to shine in all things that I do.

Things that might have stated out as just something usual was the beginning of changes I never thought would take place. I remembered that time when I was so grateful for movements that took place because it changed a lot. And it really did. It changed the way I think, the way I deal with things and people, the way I interact and the manner of how I have accepted and understood things.

And then you can’t help but feel that overwhelming emotion of gratefulness, thankfulness; a great surge of love for that person who made all those things possible and the One above who had His plans of you meeting that person as well as having that person not just as a colleague, an officemate, a friend, one who has always been by your side and has supported you and pushed you to be better each day.

It’s rare to find those kind of people and I’m so thankful that I have one because I wouldn’t know what I would have been doing right now if not for that person, probably still stuck in my own world, alone and lonely, without that consuming desire to push thru my goals because they seem unattainable.




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