Seems like you’re  the only tune I can hear
The melody that plays repeatedly on my head
Now I believe them when they say that when you like somebody
You notice everything about them

I don’t know what I’d do
If eventually you’d find out that it’s all about you
You might construed it as something else
Not the feelings that I’ve actually felt

Sorry for the white lies
Sorry if I’m trying to hide
These feelings I’m keeping inside
Sentiments that make me sigh

Now I understood why
Now I know the reason behind
Feelings that you’ve displayed
Actions which you have framed

I’m tired of keeping these all in
I can’t even admit to myself what’s real
And even though I’ve known the reason behind
It isn’t just enough to explain those why’s



  1. Awww… I know the feeling. At first I get really worried it is suddenly becoming all about them, try to keep it all in and pretend otherwise from fear , fear because maybe a person shouldn’t feel so strongly about someone else. Then after the trouble I give in.

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    1. I’m not sure about the ‘giving in’ thing.. what do you mean by that? it’s really hard.. not being able to actually express what you feel.. worse is that you can’t even tell anybody about it because the feeling is just isn’t right..

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      1. By giving in I mean sometimes, if the circumstances allow it and it is moraly acceptable you allow yourself a chance and see what might happen despite the risks .
        If the entire thing is morally questionable then that is a really unpleasant position to be in. You hope to stay 1uiet until the feelings subside.


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