Always You (Dein für Immer)

I guess this is how it’s suppose to end
Feelings that I shouldn’t have kept
Expectations which I have harbored
Unexpected events made it quite painful

Never thought this day would come
When I had to bury everything we have
Not to expect even if it’s so real
Not to hope even when it seems so true

I guess I can say again that I never thought it ends this way
Like raindrops in a cloudless day
My feelings that I wish shall fade
To be content with whatever’s left

It pains me to realize that it was just brief
Moments with you that gives me emotions that I deeply feel
Laughters and tears and everything in between
Feelings that are too strong which should go away

Guess I should be prepared for what comes next
A nonexpectant Mädchen I should be
No words can encompass how much you mean to me
Nothing can equate to how you’ve changed me


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