Maybe you did find out that it was you
The inspiration in all the things that I do
The one who made my heart beat so fast
The only one who got to me when others were not able to

Next time when somebody walks in my life
And shows me with the same attention that you gave
I won’t let this heart of mine fall so deep
Because that someone will eventually leave like you did

It’s hard knowing that it didn’t last
It gave me hope that probably this might be my chance
I just never thought that it has to end as well
Like everything in my life that came

Accepting that it will never change
Knowing that I’ll never have you again
Deep breaths that I’ve been doing for quite some time
Calming the heart that cries for what we had

And now as I plug the earphones in my ears
Turning up the volume of the music I’ve been listening
Drowning the thoughts that invade my mind
Hoping it wil make me forget the emotions that I have to fight


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