Signs of Guys Who Make Girls Fall For Them


Most girls get attracted to guys not just by mere physical appearance or physique (although looks sometimes really do matter). Character, nowadays, become a factor for somebody to be attracted to a certain person. So where am I going with this? There are guys who are just too admirable by their nature that for some, it seems natural to them although it gives off a different vibe to other people. But there are others also who knows this for a fact, and use it to their advantage to be surrounded by people and to have the attention they are looking for.


Lately, observations and realizations allowed me to prepare this little notes to ponder as you, girls, encounter guys who are very easy to get along with and makes you feel special, but doesn’t have the intention of pursuing you or establishing a relationship with you for that matter. Listed down are some characteristics of guys who intentionally or unintentionally for some, make girls fall for them.


  1. Charmer – Most of these guys have lots of sense of humor. They are easy to get along with. They have lots of things to tell you. You can listen to them nonstop. You can’t seem to get your eyes off them. You pay attention to everything they say, to every move they make and to every smile they give.


  1. Gentleman – These guys do things that are rare these days, doing simple things that other guys never thought of doing simply because either they are too laze or they just don’t care. They are the one who asks you how you’re doing, what you’ve been up to lately. They ask trivial things about you. These are also the guys who pays attention to you when they are actually with you. They put an effort in getting to know you. They like to make you feel that you matter or that somebody has noticed you.


  1. Urbane- These are the type of guys to whom everything comes easy. It’s not hard for them to make friends, to mingle, to be around people. They are natural charmers. To have conversations are their natural inclinations. Interaction with people becomes their norm.


  1. Witty – These kind of guys are smart, may not be in books (although most of them are really intelligent) but in life, and a guy who has this kind of intellect becomes very attractive for a girl and girls easily fall for guys who has this character. It seems so easy for them to make quick and smart decisions. They have ideas which may seem common, and probably something we knew too, but one where you never thought of it, until they did.


  1. Nice Guy – These are the kind of guys who can sweep you off your feet because they seem to be always in the good mood and they are always enjoying life. They never seem to be offended with anything. They’re naturally sweet and kind. You rarely see them get pissed off. They always have a smile plastered on their face.


When you meet guys who has the above five distinguishing character, then most likely, you’ve met the guy who would make you fall but will never catch you. They will never promise anything. But they do things that just makes you fall for them anyway.


These guys are the kind who never promises anything but says everything you hope to hear. They’re the kind who makes you feel everything that you are anticipating to feel. They are the kind who does everything that you’re expecting to see.


Most of the time they don’t fail your expectations. In fact, sometimes, they do beyond what you’ve imagined from them to do. But you have never been, are, and never will be together. He’s just nice, not just to you but to everyone else. He’s just naturally sweet and charming.


But here you are, expecting; a hopeful girl wishing she’d be noticed by this very charming guy. And yes, you can blame yourself for feeling those things but these are unavoidable. It comes off naturally from you. Girls are inclined to be emotional thus having that tendency to fall easily, deeply and readily.


Yet what makes all of these still being a positive thing is that you get inspired. The feelings you harbor make you happy. They make you happy. And despite the negative notions for this matter, I believe that things that makes people happy and alive are good. Sometimes, we just need a little bit of those things in life to make our existence here in this world just a little bit brighter.


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