Back to those melancholic nights


Outgrowing takes too much strain

Hanged up on something that was built together is vexing

Holding on to that juncture, the hope that things might turn about
Waiting that perhaps something unexpected is at betide

Letting go is too easy to say
Placed in that position and you wont be doing it as well so readily
Waiting again seems like the most fulgent option
To be patient is the choice that one can momentarily think of

Your mind tells you its worth staying
Your heart says otherwise
You want to never give up on what you have
But everything around you seems to show you the other way around

Things that has been happening seems like a presage
A prologue to a written story
It seems like you’re listening to a prelude of a song
Anticipating something you are never sure

Tired of having this feeling
Not exactly coming up with a decision that needs to be made
And even though facts are screaming at you saying its time to breakaway
Your emotions wont let you get away with it


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