Regardlessly You


Burying it all in the past
Unconfessed feelings, useless rants
Never going back to those melancholic nights
Tears falling endlessly from those weary eyes


Time will come when it’ll end
Hurt by conversations unintentionally listened
Stabbed with jealousy seeing you with them
I’ll get over it, just stop making me feel so happy and at bliss


And I thought I’ll get the courage
To write something which does not involve you in it
Guess I was wrong to ever thought its possible
Because until now it’s you who inspires everything that I can think of


When they say that your strength is also your weakness
I laughed at the absurdity of the idea
But when you came and suddenly walked away
I realize that they were telling me a huge painful reality


To stop thinking and talking about these things
Is something I wanted for myself a long time ago already
But how can I tell my heart that it is already too much
That I just have to let it go and be apathetic to that someone



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