The need of being needed

That need of being needed by somebody whom you knew is capable of taking care of themselves..
That it is only because of your stubborn heart that wants to become a part of their life and be sought after by them as well that you become too attached to them..
That you make yourself suffer by not letting them know that they mean so much more they became a detrimental part of your daily life
That you are in pain because their simple gestures and attentions means the world to you


That you assume they need you when in fact you need them more than they need you
That they’re the last person you expect not to tell you excatly what’s wrong with you
That eventhough you know they’re tired of putting up to you, you’re assured that they’ll never get tired of correcting you
That even if you can’t say what you want to say, they will let you know immediately if there’s a problem upfront


That you won’t ever think they’ll make sarcastic remarks towards you
That you won’t ever hear comments that spits venom and hurt
That because they know that you know that they’re always frank about their thoughts
That even though it will hurt you know they will say everything to you because they should have known that you need it more than they do


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