That Boy

I remember the first day I saw him, or rather the first time I saw his face. He looks so athletic, his stance, his posture, the vibe that surrounds him. He caught my attention but I never thought he’d caught my heart as well. Ever since that day I can’t stop thinking about him, talk about him, daydream about him. I will always look forward to every opportunity I will have with him. It’s like those rare precious moments that a few minutes seems like hours. His smile is one that I can’t easily forget. I know he is happy right now and I am happy for him too but I will always miss the sound of his voice, the crinkles in his eyes whenever he laughs, the way he always tell his jokes, the way he cares for other people. It’s fascinating, amazing and inspiring in so many ways I just couldn’t explain. Even though I can only count the times I have been with him, rather talk to him, it’s as if a thousand words is not enough to explain how much I like him. It’s crazy, I know but that’s the truth. Just then, that way he stared at me when I told everything to him, that hug he gave me assuring me that it everything’s fine, when he smiled at me letting me know he understands, those are the things that will be forever embedded in my mind. I know he wouldn’t be mine but I am happy that he found someone who can make him happy, the way how I want him to be happy.


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