That Girl

I never have this feeling with any other  girl. That is why I don’t know exactly what my feelings are for her. It’s hard for me to put a name on it. That’s probably the reason why I just can’t get over it, over her. Her simple touch makes me shiver. Her stares weaken my knees. A simple gesture from her makes my heart flutter. The way she smoothes her hair with the tip of her fingers, the way she clears her throat resonates through the sounds I can hear on my earphones, the way she shifts in her chair makes me turn my back on her so that she wouldn’t see the expresson in my face that might just give away the feelings I have for her. I can always feel her presence whenever she’s near me, the sound of her voice even from afar even when she has her back on me, her every movement is encrypted in my mind. These are things I only feel for a guy I really like but why do I feel this way towards her? Why only her? I don’t have this kind of emotion with any other girls I’m with. I don’t need to explore because it’s only with her that Ican feel these things. It all started out as feelings of awe and admiration but it turned out to be something else already. No one has given me yet the right answer to this dilemma, nor can I ever  ask just anyone about it. I hope someday somebody could tell me what all of this is. I hope that that time comes when I can breathe already and let all of these things go. Because this might be the reason why I just can’t move on.


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