People You Get to Interact with in a Workplace by Ezelle Joy Rosal

People who seem flawed but those you can actually learn from…

These people will mostly likely be present in different organizations, in different levels and degrees. But they’re there, may it be a subtle appearance or a bold personification.

The Minx

They are the ones who are actually gifted with confidence, not just on meager amounts but in abundance. They’re the ones whom you’ll see flirting with almost everyone, they even do it more with those who are in higher positions. They’re like panthers, sneaky and loves to purr and place their hands on things which they know will benefit them in the future. They are these people who wear conservative, totally all too formal clothes but totally transforms during companies’ after parties. They don’t care whether the manager is too old for them, has a family, or just exclusively unavailable, they just dance their way in for instant opportunities. They’re not usually pretty but mind you it doesn’t stop them from taking action. And this is what you learn from them, to be totally confident; confidence to grab the opportunity that comes their way and making almost, if not all, situation as an opportunity. Don’t wait for the world’s confirmation that you are good enough, that you deserve to be rewarded, but show the world that indeed you are good enough and even show them that you are indeed the best. Show them that you are one of a kind and you are doing great and still have something to show, to achieve. Don’t let one negative comment ruin all the positive ones you received Somehow it becomes one of the few secrets that goes together with confidence.


The Goody Two Shoes

I always hear them in children’s fight. But this comment does not only apply to kids. Most definitely, it also applies in the real world, specifically in your own work place or soon to be work place. They go by the book, they go by the rules, and seriously I’m being totally sarcastic here. They don’t really go by the book and by the rules, not everyone could actually do that 100%, but they just seem to be. They’re the ones who acts like they follow the company policies and expects everyone to do the same. They’re the company police, the unofficial police for that matter, people who tell-tales everyone who seems not nonconforming to the rules. He is focused on doing just that and ends up having other people get poorly judged by others, especially the higher management just because of that one piece of information that may or may not be true. It could be one simple act of mistake and they get punished for the rest of their stay in the company. He doesn’t however like to confront people but usually disses other people to the management at everybody’s back, to either earn points, or simply earn the managements “trust” since those above can have one trusted mole inside. Even with all these, you actually learn something from them. You must somehow, at all costsm conform to the rules as they are there for a reason, which is either to teach us patience, fortitude or protect us from the dangers of having too much freedom. Also the most important lesson you can learn from them is that in a working environment in the real world, you must always watch your back. You can’t always trust people, sometimes you can’t even trust yourself, especially when it’s your career that’s on the line. Sometimes we are either pushed to do things and to step on things or people just to get ahead. There will always be that one point in your life, as they said it will always be survival of the fittest.


The Competitor

This person sees everyone as a competition, like a lion waiting to take on a gazelle. Competition whether it’s about a new watch you bought, a new shirt you tried, a gift you recently received and most of all an award you have constantly been receiving for the past few Awards and Recognition events. He is that lazy person who wants to compete but doesn’t even try. He wants to win any battle without working hard for it and hate other people who are actually winning. He hates that you get to be praised, trusted, and one whom people cling to. Even when they do not know what to do. Moreover, you get out of your way to help them, but then they just don’t want it because they have too much pride to accept it. They’re this lazy people who just competes for the purpose of being recognized. They do it not because they’re passionate about it but because they simply just want attention. They are those people who hate passionate people because they do things without thinking of anything in return but then they are still recognized and praised. One thing is certain for sure, they hate you not because they hate who you are but because they hate themselves for not being like you. They hate that they are not as passionate and as hard working as you are. Beneath the façade is someone insecure because they want things the easier way. Even then, I am still learning from them. That is, you will learn that competition changes everything, that somehow competition brings good and positive results. It will drive one person to improve more, to look for ways to excel further, to better themselves, and to tap into their undiscovered skill sets. Competition brings forth creativity as it feeds somehow from ego.


The Manipulator

This one you should take note as you will definitely learn a lot from them. These people usually are the ones who gets promoted easily, those who are close to the upper management and are even the ones with the higher management. They get most of the benefits that normal employees won’t easily get to avail since they have this special treatment that even they could not deny, and you know why? First, they’re good with identifying the people who they can benefit the most, who they can manipulate into working with them and achieving success. They’re those people who can easily identify talents and skill sets in one glance. They know who to tap, where to get it and who can do it better or even best. They know the people in the company well, studies their individual strengths and weaknesses, their individual attitude and work ethics as well as working principles. They study individual capabilities, skills and individual passion. They even go as far as trying and testing them through various activities in which they can engage the employee in. If they see something beneficial to them or shall I say someone, they develop a bond with, they create a good and profitable working relationship and get as much idea from them as possible. They casually ask for creative minds and extort from them brilliant ways on how to improve processes and how to further improve operations. They are good with implementing this and realizing projects that they end up claiming those ideas as their own. They just know how to manipulate almost everything. Despite that, there are still things which you can learn from them. Observe people, as sometimes the secret to success is understanding people, taking a closer look at them, how they behave, act, make decisions, do things, those sorts of activities and get ideas from them. You will always need inputs from others not just your own. Collective ideas are almost always beneficial.

The Politician

This one kind of describes who I am as a person at work. They even tease me and call me Miss Congeniality border line fake. This kind almost knows everyone in the company and almost everyone knows him/her as well. You are the “I want to help everyone type”, almost talking to everyone with that loud voice but definitely a bummer when there are people who doesn’t want to talk to you, or talk to people you don’t even really like. You talk to them just for the sake of not making any mess, but do you like every one of them? Definitely not! I can say that you don’t like at least 20% percent of them and you’re just actually being civil and stay interactive because you might not know when you’ll actually need their help. There would come a time that you might need some of their help that is why you stay as respectful as possible, when in reality you two are backside enemies. But one thing you can actually learn from people like me is to stay professional. You do not want enemies at work because it will somehow create unnecessary blocks on the company’s work flow process.




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