Being Happy

People who makes us truly happy but deeply hurt us the most too

1. People who make us feel like we are the most important person in the world
– they are the ones who allows us to do things for them. They are the ones who allows themselves to make us feel that some things are never the same with out us. These are the kind of people who makes us see that we can be someone indispensable, someone who is irreplaceable, someone who is just unique and different and that it feels like we are the only ones who can do it or make them feel some things or some people just can’t.

2. People who make us feel very special; we always have their attention
– they are the people who showers us with so much attention. They always have an ear to lend to us. They always want to know our thoughts. They always ask us what we want, what we need, what we want to become someday. They are always interested in what we have to say and who doesn’t want some kind of attention?

3. People who makes us reach for our dreams, have goals, aspire and become better
– they are the ones who always tell us that we can do it, that even if we ourselves are unsure, they surely believe in us. They push us to do not just what we can do but also those what they believe we can. They never fail to tell us everyday that we ought to do something, that we should keep on fighting, pursuing and dreaming. They are the people who tell us to never give up, to remember our commitments, to never ever feel that we are just limited to something. They want us to just go on and not stop.

4. People who have always believed in us; the ones who supports in what we love doing most, in pushing us to do something to realize what we really want in life
– These are the people who will always have our back, who, even if its only them, will always show us that they are there for us. They never stop inspiring us to be who we want to be.

5. People who gets in their way to reach out to us, to make us feel that we are a part of something, that we should not feel alone because there are people who wants to be with us
– They are the ones who goes out of their way and invite us even though we keep on secluding ourselves from people. They feel like nobody should be left behind, that everyone should have someone with him or her. These are those people who knows that nobody can survive by being alone because that person might just be alone and not lonely, but will be one soon if nobody takes the initiative to reach out to him or her.


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