When you smiled at me as we cross each other’s path

All the hurt and pain I’ve concealed resurfaced and materialized

The longing I’ve felt for quite so long

Stabbed and pierced through me like a double edged sword


If only I could shed the tears that has been kept for long

I’d probably broke down and let everything go

All the pent up pain, hurt and shame

Even the unconfessed feelings that I always try to conceal


As I go on every single day with you buried at the back of my mind

Taking one step at a time

Making myself believe that someday all these nonsense will go away

Thinking encouraging thoughts and aspirations I’ve dreamt


I recalled a time when I was deeply hurt

Crushed with jealousy when I saw you with her

Shared with that girl the laughter you used to have with me

And everything we had when we’ve been together


I told myself you used to smile at me that way

But even that only remains a wishful thinking

I’m almost full of hope that I’ll get over you somehow

Discard all these vile feelings which haunts me down


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