What happens when you get your heart broken?

What happens when you get your heart broken?


I know. This is quite a cliché, truly quite an obvious question with a truly, absurdly pathetic answer. But somehow we judge it automatically the way we do with people we just met. You might ask me, so what? Is there any relevance to that? Well, not so much actually, to be truly honest, but anyhow, what I’m trying to say is, we almost always see the negative side of which when in fact getting your heart broken allows you to do things that are mostly unimaginable and yet incredible. A broken heart in this context is not just one where you get into a relationship with someone else and then things went wrong which led to a break up. Having a broken heart may mean loving someone who doesn’t love you back (but that doesn’t mean that it’s the other party’s fault. Somehow you were just too hopeful that someday things will work out between the two of you.) It could also mean that you were close to someone but then for some unexplainable turn of events, both of you just parted ways, probably started off with giving each other space and eventually you just got further apart from each other. And with that, let me list down some of those proven effects when one gets her/his heart broken.

  1. You become a poet. (Well, probably not everyone, but for me and a few people I know who are in poetry, when we get depressed, we compose literatures that are more powerful and well-arranged.

When you get your heart broken, you conjure a lot of emotions inside. You feel anger, remorse, regrets, jealousy and then you also have moments of reminiscences, introspections, conspicuous assumptions, musings and a lot more. These emotions allows you to recall memories, conversations with that person who broke your heart and eventually these things are translated to words. Words with emotions are very powerful and even though some would say that actions are way better than words (Of course I know and acknowledge that), I believe that words coming from the heart, written or said, conveys a message that is true and sincere.

2. You learn to become better. (I know. This is one of those really so cliché answers but I’d take it on a different context. I hope I could, anyway. When I say you become better than what you are, you try to prove the other person that you are way ahead of his or her league. I know. It kind of sounds bitter, but it isn’t really. Well, you want that person to regret, or I don’t know, probably see you in a different light, but I tell you, it’s not just trying to change physically although that’s one. You mature. You transform into someone who is really independent, totally capable of making decisions, of making things happen, of accomplishing ambitions, of doing things his or her own way and not just relying on others.

3. You get to experience all those moments you can see on the movies without the intention of doing it. It may not be applicable to everybody but for me it did really happen. Those emotional scenes where you just stare at nothing, thinking of the things you use to have with that person, those moments where the character slowly breaks down, drags his back lower in a wall and just cry his heart out, scenarios where one gets to really bargain that things might just go back to the way it used to be.

4. You never make the same mistakes again. Well, probably similar, but not the exact mistake because then you would always remember the things that took place and it would really, truly remind you, zap you and it would hurt, a lot. You wouldn’t go back to it. Never. And it will really stay. It will always be at the back of your head (not literally of course, but you get what I mean)

5. You know how to move on already when the time comes when you get to experience it again. Having already the experience allows you to have a first-hand approach on what exactly to do. They say experience is the best teacher and it is. It never goes wrong. It’s very personal. It’s close to your heart.


So that’s it for me. With that, it would hurt, and you will never be really prepared for the pain it will cause you, but it would be an experience for life when you do get your heart broken. They say, when you love someone, on a romantic level, the first one will be the one you’d play or well, you would probably be the first one to broke his or heart. The second one will break your heart. But the third, hopefully your last, would be the one you would truly love and most probably the one who would love you as well the most. So be scared. Take chances. Keep on fighting. Live the life you’re given to the fullest.




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