How do you build and keep a blissful relationship with people around you?

This is really common sense but as they all say, and I know reading this you are also rolling your eyes, it is not really common, at all. Anyway, this is quite true for all of us. We are all involved in a relationship. Nowadays, relationship is always correlated almost immediately to romantic affairs but you and I both know that it is not true. No.

Relationships are bond or connections you make with the people around you such as your friends, your family, your colleagues at work, classmates way back when you’re still studying, business partners, clients. There are a lot of them and it would be quite impractical to mention everything but you get what I mean. So, to the real question now is, how do you make sure you have the most sincere and reliable relationships around you and how do you preserve it? Here are some personal tips on how you can do it.

  1. Communication. Amongst everything, it is the most important aspect one has to consider and to really build upon.

Without this, you can’t even have relationships. Well maybe you could, perhaps because you belong in the same community, organization or whatsoever, but it is not really a relationship, to be honest, if you ask me. Gestures are ways of communication, nonverbal means are given, but then it doesn’t really establish a relationship. Seriously, anybody who consider it, I don’t know what to say. As I was saying, communication is very important in such a way, that despite a good start of interaction between two human beings, lack of communication for some amount of time (perhaps you both decided to give each other space) will both leave you at a situation where interaction is just too awkward maybe not impossible, but quite rare. I know. One just have to make the initiative but most of the time, it seems so foreign, the act of doing it, that actually putting it into action doesn’t just seem right.

2. Trust and understanding. Yes, cliché as it sounds, and I know you know this very well, but it is mostly forgotten and disregarded.

This is one of the hardest part of having a relationship. Please let me know if you happen not to lie, but I believe that all of us have said lies at some point in our life. And when we do, we endanger the relationship we have with the people we love. We get hurt when people lie to us or hide things from us, especially those close to us and close to our hearts even though we are not to them (one cannot be too sureJ ), so naturally they do too and a broken trust is just too hard to rebuild especially if it is with friends and relationships other than that of our family. Families are given. Yes we lie but they have this high tolerance for it in such a way that even though it is so hard to understand the situation where you need to twist the truth or hide it anyway, they will still believe in you no matter what, will be by your side whenever you encounter troubles and so on.

3. Patience. All of us have this just that we possess varying degrees of which and we reach our limit in a way that we lose every ounce of care we try to maintain.

I cannot enforce this to you but somehow I believe that one still needs that great deal of patience or consideration when dealing with feelings. It might appeal to you as impractical and nonsense but we are well aware that we possess different personalities, character, attitude and behavior towards things base from our own experience and histories. Having said this, what you consider and see as correct may not be the same with the other person. Likewise, what he or she considers as righteous or the right thing to do might be unacceptable to you. You have to be really careful in assessing things, especially those matters of the heart because they cannot be contained in a single rule nor you can measure them at a certain degree. You just have to be sensitive and empathetic, with the situation as well as the people involved.

4. Taking into consideration other people’s perspectives will greatly help you in preserving a well-started relationship.

When people say that you have to be in their shoes to understand their situation, it doesn’t just mean being in the situation. It means having their share of past experiences in life, their overall condition in all aspects may it be emotionally, physically, spiritually and so on and so forth. You have to really be who they are to understand why they did it, whether it is right or wrong. In short, you just can’t judge people. If you all experience the same thing you could but in most or in all cases, it’s not. You have to explore all possible options or views so you could really assess the situation well. There’s no single solution to the problems in this world. There are just best ones.


I’ve had my fair share of pretty good relationships but I also have those whom I had not preserved well. This article is the solid proof for that. I wish I could have turned back time and redo everything I did but I can’t. There are no rewinds in life. There aren’t even fast forwards. We just have to go along with our journey in this world and make the most out of it. It seems hard but I guess we just have to have that sense of control as well as life teaches us to make good decisions. If we failed then make better ones. The most important thing is we never give up in giving ourselves the chance to change, to improve, to grow. We just have to keep going on.



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