It’s kinda hard though.  Self-love, I mean. They say you have to embrace your flaws,  your imperfections,  who you are. But what if you are a monster within yourself? What if by being yourself you’re hurting the people around you already?  What if..  What if by embracing your imperfections you are limiting yourself to changes that could make you at least better than what you’re used to?  And when that happens, you are becoming a toxic to yourself.  Your hurting yourself and not just the people around you.  You crumble inside,  desperate and in despair.  You say you cannot control your feelings and that there is no right nor wrong one?  I don’t know.  I have a hard time accepting the fact.  Because embracing feelings as neutral,  as neither right nor wrong is accepting that you are entitled to what you feel and I don’t think you should be.  You are entitled to a feeling if its justifiable,  if it makes sense.  But if it doesn’t, you should try to diminish that feeling,  even though it is a struggle within yourself.  Because in the end,  you’re the only one who will be destroyed by it.  Flaws, imperfections,  irrational feelings,  unjustified actions. The world is full of evil and errors.  I just hope that the day we will be all glorified and clothed with righteousness is almost near. 


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