Life is full of paradox and contradictions. We intend to send a message of despair and regret and yet what gets acknowledged is a feeling of offense. We want to help and lend a hand yet it was thought as an act of taking advantage. We want to show that we can do more and yet it’s misconstrued as an act of arrogance and pride. 

We follow rules and be told that we’re just afraid.  We cry in desperation and be accused of being dramatic. We laugh even in turmoil to ease the hurt and pain and then be called out because we’re being inconsiderate. We keep silent to avoid tensions and be scolded because we can’t speak up for ourselves. 
We do something different and be ridiculed, told that we’ve changed.  We try to be confident yet others call it boastful.  We change and yet it wouldn’t still be recognized.


It hurts.  It’s like a knife pierced in the depths of our soul.  It’s depressing.  It’s confusing.  It makes you pull your hair. 
But what can we do. That’s how the world roll.  What we do is to take it on a different perspective,  see it in another way,  even if we’re the only ones who sees it anyway.


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