I only have an hour and 50 minutes  before I officially become 26. So I decided to write an “open letter” just for the sake of being dramatic, symbolic and everything.  Just kidding. But on a more serious note,  this letter is more of a promise,  a vow,  a desire,  a wish and a farewell.  This is a letter of promise to myself,  a promise that I would start acting more like an adult from now on. I know.  I should have started earlier.  But things happen.  And so I promise that I will be an adult from now on,  with my actions,  words,  thoughts,  decisions,  reactions.  I am not getting any younger, definitely.  So I know I should really act on it. This is also a letter of a vow. I vow to help more people,  to reach out to them even if I can’t give them anything material at least I could give them my time,  my attention,  things that cannot be measured by any amount of money. This is also a letter of desire.  I just wanted to be who I really am. Most of the time I like to be someone that I am not.  When I don’t, I get frustrated.  I am disappointing myself.  And so I really want to be my own,  to stand on my own, to have an identity.  This is also a letter of a wish.  I wish that someday I’d  find my path, not that I’m confused or anything. I hope I’d find my true happiness,  whether it’d be staying single or not,  be in a corporate world or in a public office or institution,  whether I’d be a freelance somebody or a trusted employee,  things like that.  I really wish the time would come when I would eventually know where I’d  really go. Finally,  this is a farewell letter.  I am saying goodbye to those unconfessed, unintended and irrational feeligs.  I am saying goodbye to the hatred and pain. I am saying goodbye to insecurities and jealousies. I am saying goodbye to self pities and emotional instabilities. It has been a fulfilling 25 years. I am and should be and will be ready for 26.


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