Random Thoughts

I came across that guy I like before and even before I reach the windows of his car,  I knew from afar that it’s his.  I have a feeling.  Although of course I can’t  be so sure because I don’t know the plates,  but still?  You have to trust your instincts,  right?  Well,  the actual reason why I began writing this was that I remember a vow I have always promised myself to follow,  a vow that I will never ever memorize the plate numbers of the cars of the guys I like,  because then my eyes would roam around everytime I see cars like theirs and check if its their plates. I know.  Quite funny,  hilarious,  I don’t know what kind of thinking I’d qualify that but yeah.  To be honest,   I could memorize the make and the color,  the model but never, ever the plate number.  Just like a while ago,  I know he has a blue Isuzu pick up (I’m  not sure if its DMax)  but yeah.  But I never get to check his plates,  ever,  though I had plenty of opportunities, mind you.  Because it would be an obsession I cannot afford to have.  I am a serial stalker. I have proven that a lot of times before.  Once I had e-mailed my high school crush because he has no Facebook and the only thing he has is an e-mail address which for some reasons I forgot how I come to possess it.  I had sent a friend request to my ex-boyfriend’s mom because he wasn’t talking to me and only his mom was on Facebook. I had also made sure I get to have my professor as my BIR examiner for our land tax because I had a huge crush on him way back in college.  And of course,  my recent ex crush where some people are just surprised that I know things about him because I am just an informed kind of admirer. And so,  yes,  that piece of information about his plate number would lead me to an overdrive madness and I’m not even kidding. (I just hope I’ve got to stop this already,  hahaha)

So yeah,  seriously that’s all.  Okay.  Bye. 😂😂😂


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