You Should Date A Capricorn Woman

We often read of compatibility readings and how zodiac signs are matched specifically. While this is very true, I’d like to say that Capricorn women are one of the best to date, if not for one to get himself with in a relationship. I’d like mention some interesting facts about them (which I guess you would have read some already) and yet I’d like to explain further some of their strong qualities that makes them wonderful ones to get out with.


Capricorn women are loyal, determined and dependable. When they involve themselves in a relationship, they stick to it and treat it as somewhat sacred and essential. They are very loyal partners, which means that you would have their full attention. And since Capricorn women are self-motivated, they don’t easily give up and even when they fail, they still move on and think of alternatives on how to get back up. On the other hand, it could be a disadvantage since it could lead to stubbornness. Capricorns being assertive, they want to be wanted, be accepted, and be acknowledged. That being said, they could give you quite a hard time when you try to reason out with them, especially when they can’t see some sense with your decisions and choices.


Also, Capricorn women are cautious and does not just easily get swayed and persuaded. This means that you cannot be easily judged because Capricorn women tend to go over facts and evidences before concluding something or making any big decision. They are calculative and doesn’t want to risk a lot but at the same they don’t also want to not do anything because being Capricorn, they are responsible thereby, it is in their core to want to take actions to anything that needs to be decided upon. But they are also over thinkers and so, Capricorns tend to take a lot of time coming up with a judgement or a resolution for any matter at hand.


Lastly, Capricorn women are adventurous. Sure they are calculative and cautious, but they are also ambitious which means that they have that inner desire to explore new things. They are also self-motivated which means that the capability of allowing themselves to be exposed to something new, that is, outside of their comfort zones, comes from within. They don’t need anyone or somebody to inspire them. Their inspiration are themselves and their drive to explore unchartered territories. And because they are determined, nothing will deter them from accomplishing what they’ve set to do.


There are still a lot of interesting traits a Capricorn women possess but I believe, that those are the top three things that describes a Capricorn woman perfectly. It will not work for everybody but life is all about trying out new things and making yourself open to possibilities and chances. You never know what lies ahead of you unless you try.



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