Why do girls assume that guys like them and wants to have a relationship with them

One might say that its unfair why guys always gets the blame whenever girls fall for them.  Guys would say that its the girls fault for making prejudgements when there’s no concrete evidence that they wanted to be in a relationship with a girl.  He never said he’d court her.  He never said he wanted her to be his girl.  But I believe these things should be left unsaid,  unless of course you’re actually confused and badly wanted to ask if you both are actually going out together. That being said,  here are some of the reasons why girls actually do assume that the guys who says they like them actually wants to be in a relationship with them. 

1. He is committed in whatever do,  may it be taking the girl to her office and fetching her afterwards or being around her most of the day, and if not being in constanr communication with her. 

You can never blame girls to arrive at a conclusion that the guy who likes them wants to have a relationship with them when they’re showing this kind of commitment. Of course why would you spend time with someone juat for the sake of going out with someone. You want to be with someone and invest your most important asset with that person,  which is time,  because that person is important to you and that it matters that what you both have is not just for a fleeting moment. So I say, boys if you are not seeing any future with the girl you’re spending your time with dont let her feel as if your whole world revolves around her by being always there for her,  even whey don’t need you because it’s preempting a vibe that you are actually seeing a future with both of you on that time frame.

2. He wants to  get to know the girl better by  knowing everything there is about her and when I say everything it’s all aspects of her. Moreover,  he makss an effort to get to know the people around her like friends,  coworkers, family and so on. 

He will do all kinds of things just to show her that he is really interested with her,  and not just because of her good looks,  nice physique or incredibly amazing brains. He wants to get to know her because he wants to understand her.  He wants to make acquaintance with the people around her because they also matter to him,  knowing that they matter to her.  

3. He opens up to her and tells her of things he never told anyone about.  He shares secrets with her and to be in that kind of relationship with someone is dangerous because you’re already deep into it and its kind of really hard to get out of it. 

Opening up to someone takes time and for him to have that kind of thing with her  already means that she’s  too valuable and that he trusts her a lot. He has made himself vulnerable around her and for him it doesnt matter. Because he believes that she would never hurt him and would take good care of the trust he gave her.  That’s when he lets his guard down,  the walls that he has kept for so long shattered into pieces.  His invincibility gone around her. 

And I believe I dont have to add more on top of these three instances to actually say that girls could actually assune that the guy who likes them wants to have a relationship with them.  Why would a guy be in all of thia situation when at the end he’ll just leave the girl or tell her that he’s not yet ready,  that he hasn’t accomplished much yet,  that to have a relationship is not just there thing? Given this,  I’d say I dont believe in open relationships because its not a relationship at all.  To be in one,  you have to build something,  may it be trust or something valuable.  To have it open is just an excuse for someone to escape it when things go wrong, when it becomes difficult, when things doesnt go the way you want it to be. 

To all the boys out there,  if you dont plan on being in a relationship with someone,  please do not committ these three mortal sins.  You’ll just give a false hope to that girl.  Its not only your time youre wasting but also hers.  You will give her a wrong impression and that is really very dangerous.  You kmow that girls are bit vulnerable than you are and more of an overthinker than you are so just dont.  Do not break someone’s heart just because you cant help being with rhe girl you cant have a relationship with. 


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