Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo : A Korean Drama Series Review

I have heard a lot of comments that this was,  by far,  the most devastating korean drama series anybody has ever watched.  It aired last year but I never got the will to really watch it because the thought of a heartbreaking ending shatters me already.  However, what made me decide to watch this one was the 3rd Prince.  His character in th King is inlove was so inspiring that it made me watch him more,  I mean see him in other roles.  I was unfortunately  gravely disappointed when I found out that he was totally the opposite and his appearance was not one that I did expect.  But anyway,  enough of that and more of the series. 
As most korean drama series depicitng Korea’s history, they take you back to that time of the Kingdom Goryeo. A lot of korean drama series featured this kingdom depiciting different kind of stories,  plot twists,  angles and genre. Moon Lovers was one of them and it was repeatedly illustrated as based heavily on the reign of King Taejon and his sons. It was a beautiful story of brotherhood and family but also a  tragic and savage one because of too much bloodshed on the matter of the throne succession. 

The setting will totally take you back to that time where South Korea was still known as Goryeo. If you have already visited Korea, you’ll be totally surprised as to where they had the shooting for the scenes. There were no longer villages and palaces anymore in Korea that’s not located somewhere urban. So to have that kind of set up was quite a work

Although some would point out that this is a typical story of a black sheep taking claim on the throne or a romantic story between a bad boy and that lovely sweet girl, it certainly has some spice in the course of the series that one would still feel very excited to look forward for the next episode. To give you an overview though, the story revolved on the family of King Taejon,  his reign,  how he has a lot of children because he needs to keep the peace in Goryeo,  how he has his eyes on his first and fourth son to succeed him when he can no longer be Goryeo’s leader,  their family as a whole,  King Taejon and his seven princes as well as the mother queen, and finally,  the young girl from the future who seems to have given up on life because she was buried in debt and her boyfriend cheated on her with her bestfriend. 

Like any other love stories, there are always be trials and difficulties. The lead actor and actress,  namely,  the girl from the future and the fourth prince had to be separated and reunited a lot of times. This wss probably the reason why some find it dragging. There was a lot of bloodshed and disputes as well as misunderstanding and rivalry between brothers,  the king’s ministers and loyal subjects. Sadly, it finally came to a point where even the strongest hearts would not be able to overcome that biggest rock in their relationships.  The 4th prince reigned as a king and had to make decisions that made that young girl decided to let go,  not because she doesnt love him anymore but because she has to leave before her love for him turns to disappointment,  bitterness and pain. She knows her limits and if she doesn’t walk away soon,  she’ll reach that point where even if she has an overflowing love for him,  even that cannot erase or hide the things he did that pained her the most.  The most loyal brother of the fourth prince had to leave him too because he alsome came to a point where he cannot consider his brother anymore as a brother only but he has to be his lpyal subject being that his brother is the king. 

If you were to ask me whose character I hate the most,  it was the prince who married the girl.  I’m not even devastated enough when I found out that the 3rd prince was evil. I was disappointed with the 8th prince but even not that disappointed when he changed his ways. But when the other prince decided to marry the girl  and changed how the girl’s letter was sent to the king,  I was wishing for him to really just die. The king would probably have seen her lady. They would at least then have a closure,  a sad but beautiful ending but no he has to ruin it all. He has to ruin it all because he was selfish of her and yes I could blame him for everything that went wrong  because he was making sure the king receives a false news even when he knew she never loved him and the girl has her eyes only for the king. I believe I just have to let it all out because it really made me mad. I have never liked his characters in his other series too because he was always the one who gets in the way of a beautiful and truly magical relationship.  But enought of that.  😊

Lastly, I would say that this korean drama series is a story of sacrifice, honesty and pure genuine kindness and love. It wasn’t easy for someone to give up on something or someone he or she loves.  Its not easy to leave when everything was so difficult and uneasy.  But when it comes to a point where stubborness gets in the way of change,  a good change for that matter,  one has to let go of things that are most important to them.  They have to let go of the ones that matter to them because even if they are the ones who comfort them and they have been their safe haven,  they also become their fatal weakness and if things get out of hand,  what happens will destroy them so much they would have a hard time getting back up. 

I actually liked the series.  In fact,  I still play the original soundtracks  of the series in my head.  I had a syndrome of it for more than a week because I can’t really get over with it. The princes were totally hot,  that I would say is a very plus especially when they were all in the Damiwon taking a bath.  Oh my,  my,  my. The plot twists were incredible. It will make you cry,  laugh and angry.  Mixed emotions are pretty usual when you watch it and I must say that it was one of those series that was worth the wait.  

As they all say and I would say to you as well as I have given you a brief background, that it wasnt a happily ever after kind of story.  Its very tragic, more tragic than Nicholas Sparks’s novels. Do not expect and really expect to be very angry towards the end.  But eventually you’ll be able to understand why it all happened that way and why it has to happen that way. 


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