Love Simon: A Movie Review

Love Simon

Quite a lot of you have already watched the movie and I dont know about you but it was really an amazing movie,  no matter how overused the adjective seems to be. Some of you might say that you just cant watch it because you dont really like gays,  lesbians and alike and I get that but eventually you’ll find out in the movie that its not all about that,  that its not all coming out and declaring that one is gay but its more of all people deserving a good love story,  its about people deserving to be respected and its about friends and families supporting each other in difficult times. 

Its a high school setting so its more of generation Z kind of movie. The story revolved around a boy named Simon who has it all,  a loving family,  good friends and good life but a boy who has kept a secret for a long time, a secret that will change his life,  a secret that will change him as well. I’m a sucker for love stories, scarred friendships and all kinds of drama in life so this one really got into me. You’ll find yourself laughing so hard because of how Simon has been acting, keeping the secret a little harder each day everydag.  You’ll be awed at how his family seems to be keeping it all together,  understanding each other,  understanding society and all its facets,  facing reality as we all should be. You’ll be really mad at Martin for threatening Simon and actually revealing his secret. You’ll sympathize Simon because the right to reveal his secret was stolen from him. And you’ll be awed at how love or maybe lets just say attraction can truly move all people, young and old,  people coming from different status in life, people of different races. 

What I love the most in this movie was when Simon’s dad asked Simon how long he has been holding on to his secret.  It moved me at how his Dad felt so incapable of understanding his son,  how at so many occasions that they’ve been together he never noticed that Simon has this side of him,  he felt that he is so insensitive not to sense it eventhough he felt like he knows his son through and through. So I say that its not just really about coming out,  its also how parents should be aware of their children,  their feelings and maybe from time to time do some emotional check on how they are.  Although a lot of children seems like detached to their parents already,  especially with the generation of Internet and technology,  I still believe that a good relationship and a loving, understanding one for that matter between families could really exist. 

I guess one should just really keep an open mind in watching this movie.  I myself belong in a conservative and religious family but what I really believe that all of us should see is that despite the strength they display,  they also suffer and felt really conflicted as well,  seeing that they are different from others,  different from who they’re supposed to be,  who they’re supposed to like and so on. We should not invalidate their feelings just because what they’re going thru seems to be considered as a taboo. Although the society’s reception now is quite better than before, the conflicting feelings and belief will always be there which is why what they’re going thru is not still easy at all. 


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