How to Be Single : Movie Review

We are always fascinated by romantic relationships when in actuality we just fall into the pit of thinking that we like to be with someone else.  Frankly, we just love the idea of these really romantic stuffs because they are so amazing and so sweet and so grand. I am a sucker for all of these, for those walks on the beach, those kisses on the forehead, those short sweet moments when you just both stare into each other’s eyes. Every time I go out, people will tell me that I’m probably on a date or meeting someone or whatever but really I’m not. I just go out and do whatever I want. Okay, this should be a movie review but I’m making it my life story.

Anyway, how to be single is a totally perfect portrayal of what a single life is (obviously, right?) but it’s really is. You go out and do things freely, unbounded by obligations such as when you are in a relationship (and in this review of course I’m talking about romantic relationships). Knowing who you really are and what you want is also part of it but to be really single is to enjoy the liberty of not being someone else’s. I know you can still be you on your own when in you’re in a relationship but eventually you’ll be labelled. It’s not a bad thing (totally not) but you will have a totally wholly new you and everything gets different. 

The movie shows us that being single can be quite hard, because for one you really have to do things on your own (it’s not you’re not doing things on your own when in a relationship but you get my point) and two, it can be very really lonely sometimes. Trust me, when you’ve been into a relationship and you get into a break up, you will realize how lonely it can feel sometimes, both physically and emotionally. But it also shows us that you don’t have to be lonely all the time when you’re single. Sure you’ll find yourself alone most of the time but never lonely. You can be melancholic but not depressed, perceptive but not too much of an over thinker, sad but not miserable. 

Of course people will say that it’s what all single people says, that it’s their defence mechanism and well sometimes, it really is but it’s not. It’s just what it is. You don’t have to hate being single or be afraid of it but don’t be too attached also to being single because it can really get dangerous. No matter how cliché it is I still believe that no man is an island and that we can do it on our own but we need to have people around to us to help us or to be with us or to be just there for us. 

You know what’s my favourite part of the movie? Of course you don’t but here it is. It’s the ending and I know it might be too obvious but who cares. Just kidding. Anyway, what I love about it is that she finally gets to do the things she wanted. She has complete control of what she wants to do and how she does it. She can go wherever she want at whatever time she has. It doesn’t mean that she has been away from the world. It’s just that she has decided to do things for herself at her own pace. And that’s something you can’t do if you’re already in a relationship because truthfully, you’ll always consider the other person’s wants or needs. At some point you will have to compromise, of course not your non-negotiable stuffs but you will have to consider a lot of things. This is why this part makes me really really appreciate my being single right now. Who knows when I’ll find him or if I’ll ever gonna find him or probably I will but not just right now. Who knows when I’ll be into a relationship again? My sister once told me that she can’t really see herself getting married and stuffs like that but who knows? She used to hate books but she love them right now so yeah, anything can happen. 

To all those who are so hooked up with the idea of being into a relationship, though this is super cliché, but let me just tell you this one more time. Take things slow. Don’t rush things. Eventually you’ll meet him but maybe not just right now. Enjoy being single. Enjoy your liberty. Go out with friends. Liberate yourself. These things will soon come to an end and you don’t want to regret the things you never have done when you are still single.


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