Deb is an aspiring writer who believes that you should never be afraid of expressing yourself, may it be by opening up to other people or through writing. She has started writing short stories way back in high school up until she discovers blogging and started posting things just about any topic that interests her. What started out as just long versions of Facebook posts became entries in her page which she officially launched November of 2016. She said “Writing has been my passion ever since I was young (I’m still young, but you know what I mean). It has been my outlet of my frustrations, happiness, dreams and hopes, fears. Emotional royalty because well, the name says it all. I love reading different genres of novels and its a bliss for me to be transported into the world of fiction and fantasy. Writing has been my way of expressing my feelings, thoughts, desires, fears, anxieties and too many emotions that have been kept inside and left unexpressed. It’s a page of memories, discoveries, observations. And I hope all this might inspire people, might make them happy, will give them hope as well as I hope that in this page, they might find somebody who would understand them and acknowledge what they’re going through as well as what they actually feel.”


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